Why is Video Marketing is the Right Way to Go? | Cincinnati OH

So now we gather that video marketing in Cincinnati OH is hot and it is the ideal time to take advantage of this fast growing advertising medium.

But why is video marketing the best option to market your products?

  • Videos can easily help you rank higher in Google.
  • Videos target an audience who prefer a visual format as opposed to text.
  • Videos allow you to showcase products that just can’t be explained with short text.
  • Establishing a YouTube channel helps you gain followers.
  • Your video could go viral which can help build you a gigantic online following.

Let’s face it, the average attention span of a web user today is measured by seconds. People nowadays are used to have instant access; they want things to be fast. Visuals always work better than text in this case. If you could summarize a 3-page website into a 2-minute video, people would definitely prefer to watch the video. Why tell when you can show? Users have the tendency to browse and skip through information.

However, if you are able to engage the users and present your information in visual form, then you’re a huge step ahead. People would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading long text.

Furthermore, visuals create a better experience for the audience when compared to text. People could actually imagine and realize that what your business and services are all about. And the audio helps your viewer to better understand. Hearing your voice inflection, adding life to the written word.

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Ready to start? Wants some cool videos to get started? Check out these 2 resources:


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Three Facebook Applications that Can Help Your Business

Sure, you know that social media is a great free way to market your business, and Facebook is right at the center of that.  But there is a lot more to Facebook than you might know.  In addition to setting up profiles and fan pages on Facebook, there are also a number of ready-made tools that you can plug in to your Facebook account in order to increase your page’s functionality.  This is possible through developer applications, and there are specific applications that can go a long way in increasing your business’s Internet effectiveness.  Here are three Facebook applications that can help your business:

Networked Blogs.

If you don’t maintain a blog for your business website, you should . . . but that’s another article altogether.  Networked Blogs actually works on both profile and fan pages, and is a great way to get your blog from point A to point B so that all of your Facebook friends and followers will receive notice of, and get the chance to read, your blog posts as you submit them to your site.  In addition to uploading your blog posts to Facebook, this great app also maintains a visible blog roll on your fan page for easy access.

Slideshare.  Take your Facebook business marketing to the next level by using a multimedia approach.  Slideshare is just the app to help you do that, with features that enable you to post portfolios, conference talks, PDFs, PowerPoint and Keynote presentations, and much more right on your Facebook fan page for all your followers to see.  Using slideshare is a great way to create an interactive experience for your Facebook following, and to attract new “likes.”

YouTube Channels.  It is an undisputed fact that people tend to prefer video over any other medium while surfing the web for information.  If your business already has a YouTube Channel (and, again, it should!), then adding the YouTube Channels app to your Facebook fan page is a super easy way to add a video element to your Facebook presence.  YouTube Channels also works on profile pages, as well as application pages!

To sum it all up, Facebook is a hotbed of marketing opportunity, and Facebook applications make it possible for you to kick your social media marketing up to a whole new level.  Try these awesome Facebook apps out for size.  For help making the most out of your business’ social media marketing efforts, contact us, Westwood Virtual Associates.  We can be reached by phone, at 513-317-3049, or email: Joanne@WestwoodVA.com.

#2: Become an Affiliate

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How to Add Video to Your Website or Blog

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