Review Your Sales Copy

sales copy



If you’ve just finished writing the copy for your website, take a break and review it when you feel refreshed. When you’re refreshed, review it in a few different ways:




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  • Review and edit on your computer.
  • Print it out and edit it on paper.
  • Print out again and read it out loud. It’s amazing what things stand out when you hear what you’ve written aloud.
  • Hire someone else to thoroughly read your copy and ask if they find the offer credible and if they have any unanswered questions. Ask them:
    • Did the offer seem credible to you? (Ex. If you’re teaching something, do they feel you are qualified to teach it? Are the claims made believable?)
    • Were there any unanswered questions about the product or the offer? If so, what were they?



Really Sell to Your Target Audience with Great Copy


To write great copy,

it helps to be able to visualize your audience. Sales copy should read as if you are actually chatting to your customers, and if you can imagine you are talking to someone that fits the demographic you are aiming at, your copy will be more convincing. How old is your target audience? Are they male or female? What is their average income level and what is their level of intellect likely to be?

To recap, the things to bear in mind when writing killer product descriptions are your structure, style, length, and grammar. Make sure you are selling directly to your target audience, and that you include some additional elements that will make your customers feel more comfortable about buying from you.