How Facebook Places Works

WVA-FacebookFacebook Pages helps business owners to get more exposure and interactivity to their local, physical businesses.

People who’ve never heard of your business can find you by clicking on “Nearby Places” in their mobile apps. They can also find your business through their friend’s walls, when they “Like” your business or “check in” to your business.

Though there are a few other local check in based apps (e.g. Foursquare,) none can boast Facebook’s 500+ million users.

Here are some of the main features and benefits of using Facebook places for business owners.

Appearing on Friend’s Feeds

Anytime someone checks into your business, it’ll also show up on their friend’s feeds.


Appearing in the iPhone’s “Nearby Places”

When someone’s near your business, they can easily find you by clicking “Nearby Places” or by searching for a specific type of business. (i.e. “restaurant.”)


Appearing in the iPhone’s Friends Check in

iPhone users can also see a list of all the places their friends are at or have been to.


Likes and Check ins Displayed

A business that has a lot of people checking in, liking and posting on their wall has a lot of social proof.

Much like how people prefer to go to crowded restaurants rather than empty restaurants, social proof will help you get more people through the door through perceived popularity, as well as help you get even more likes, checkins and comments. It’s like a snowball effect.

Through effective promotions, you can get a lot of people to like and checkin to your place. That, along with the snowball/social proof effect, can turn into a very effective marketing mechanism.

Example: A café’s credibility increased through having many users.


Having Your Own Wall & Pictures

Once your page is active, you’ll have an interactive wall where others can interact with one another, a photo gallery where you can put business-related shots, as well as all the other features of Facebook Places.


Detailed Business Information

You can put a lot of details that your users would find useful on your Facebook Place. They’ll be able access this information online or on their mobile device.

Users will be able to find your website, your hours of operation, your phone number, your address and even a map showing your location.

As you can tell, Facebook Places offers some incredible opportunities for business owners to connect with their customers, as well as to make it easier for more people to find their business.

Google Places – Add Photos, Offers and Respond to Reviews

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You will need:

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  • A registered and Active Google Places account

Step 1: Log into your Google account.

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