FTP on the Go

FTP on the Go IconFTP on the Go is a full fledged FTP program that works from your iPhone or iPad. It allows you to download files, upload files, edit files and do almost anything you could do from a desktop FTP program.

Here’s how to use FTP on the Go.

Step 1: Enter Your Login Information

When you open FTP on the Go, the first screen you see is the login screen. Type in your login information.


Once logged in, you’ll see a screen with all your files and folders on it.

Step 2: Downloading Files

Once downloaded, you can then edit the files, or upload them to different directories or websites on your server(s). To download a file, navigate to the exact folder you want to download from by clicking on the folder.

Once you’re in the specific folder, click on the file you want to download. A checkmark will appear next to that file. Then click the down arrow in a circle to download the file.

Step 3: Editing Files

To edit a file, first navigate to your “Saved Files” folder.

Select the file you want to edit, then click “Edit” in the upper right.

The HTML edit screen will appear. Here you can edit the HTML of the page, just as you would in any other HTML editor.


When you’re finished, click “Save” in the upper right.

Step 4: Editing Files

After editing a file, you’ll need to upload it for changes to take effect. You also may just want to upload photos or videos from your iPhone to your server. Here’s how.

To upload a file that’s in your “Saved Files,” such as the file we just edit, first highlight the file, then click the up arrow.



To upload a video or picture, first navigate to the folder you want to upload it to in your “FTP” view. Then click the “FTP Folder Commands” button in the lower right.

Then select “Upload Picture / Video.”

Select whether to upload from your camera or from your library.

Select your picture either in the library or by taking a new picture. Then name your file and resize it before uploading.

It’s that easy! You now know how to download files from your server to your iPhone, how to edit those files and how to upload your saved changes. You’ve also learned how to upload your own videos or pictures from your iPhone to your FTP server.

Top 10 Things to Share on Twitter

One of the toughest things about running a great Twitter feed is consistently coming up with things to post. Unlike blogging or social media, on Twitter you might want to come up with something new several times a day. It’s not unusual for Twitter users to post as many as 10 to 20 times a day or more.

Fortunately, there’s a wide variety of things you can post on Twitter. Even Fortune 500 CEOs post everything from useful content to whimsical musings to moderately funny jokes.

Here are ten ideas you can use to come up with things to share on Twitter.

#1 – Recommend a Resource


Is there a particular article, book, workshop, DVD, YouTube video, magazine or other resource that you’d recommend? Post a link to that resource, along with a description of what you liked about it.

#2 – Post Valuable Content


Posting valuable original content should be the cornerstone of your Twitter feed. You can post all kinds of other content, but at the very basic level your Twitter feed should be all about enhancing your followers’ lives. Here’s an example from the Wall Street Journal.

#3 – Write a Review


If you read a book, attended a workshop or purchased a product, write a review of it on Twitter. You can write a very brief review on Twitter, or you can post a much longer review on your website and simply link to it from Twitter.

It shows your readers you’re in tune with the latest information, can think critically and are willing to share what you’ve learned.

#4 – Make an Announcement


Are you launching a new product? Starting a new initiative? Beginning a forum? If there’s something new coming up, announce it to your list.

You can also use announcements to build excitement. Instead of just announcing something all at once, use teasers to lead up to the actual announcement event. Drop hints about new things coming up to get people excited, without actually revealing what it is until the time comes.

#5 – Trivia


Asking trivia is a quick and easy way to increase engagement. This works particularly well for people who are rabidly passionate about a subject.

Use varying degrees of trivia to keep different kinds of people engaged. Easy questions can help newcomers feel a sense of pride for getting it right, while extremely tough questions will challenge hardcore fans.

Getting people involved always builds excitement for the big day.

#6 – Retweet


Find a valuable piece of content on someone else’s feed and retweet it on your feed. This has the added benefit of building trust and reciprocity with the person whom you retweeted.

You can use retweets to supplement what you don’t naturally produce in your Twitter stream. For example, if you have great text content but lack video content, you can instead make it a habit to retweet high quality video content tweets.

#7 – Post Something Shocking, Controversial or Unexpected


News about shocking events, controversial opinions or unexpected announcements always gets a lot of traction.

Look for unusual things and see how you can put your own spin on it. Alternatively, look for commonly held beliefs that you disagree with and make your disagreement public.

#8 – Ask a Question


Ask an insightful question. Your followers will often vie to be the first to answer the question. If your question is thought provoking, people will often go out of their way to write great answers.

This can help spark very interesting discussions about your question, your products, your brand or your hashtags.

#9 – Say Hello (Every Day)


It may be contrary to what a lot of people say, but if you’re an active Twitter user, get in the habit of saying “hello” or “good morning” each day when you log in.

This tells Twitter users who interact with you regularly that you’re open to interaction. People love interacting with other users who’re actually there interacting with them. By saying “hello” at the beginning of every day, you let people know you’re in front of your computer and open to messages and tweets. Add a little something extra to make people think or bring a smile to their day.

Note: Don’t use this tactic unless you tweet at least 10 times a day. Otherwise when someone views your stream, all they will see is a series of “Hello.”

#10 – Post Something Funny


Post something off the cuff or humorous. Don’t post humorous content too often if you run a business Twitter feed. However, posting something funny every once in a while can be a great way to keep your stream lively.

Sometimes the best way to post something funny is to just post something off the cuff. If you have a smartphone, post the funny idea you have right away rather than waiting. And note, this is NOT really a tweet from Barack Obama, but is quite funny.

These ten ideas, along with any variations you come up with, will help you keep your Twitter stream flowing with all kinds of different tweets. Develop your own style, blend it with your brand and post consistently to build a strong following.

What have you found is a strong strategy for how you share on Twitter? Please share in the comments.

5 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Fan Activity

Gone are the days when you marketed “to” your customers.  Now, with the popularity of social media, there is a new way to market: it’s interactive.  You no longer have to figure out creative ways to relay messages that will somehow get peoples’ attention, and then sit back and hope it’s working.  By marketing through social media, you get to hear your customers’ reactions first-hand, and can tweak your marketing efforts accordingly.  If you have accepted the new reality of social media marketing and are ready to take your Facebook potency to the next level, it is time to start thinking about improving your interactions with your fans.  How do you do that?


Here are five ways to increase your Facebook fan activity:


[list style=”g”]

  • Interact on other fan pages.  This is quite simple: if you want to establish your credibility on Facebook and lend some relevance to your fan page in order to stimulate fan interactions, then you need to be active in the Facebook world.  One of the best ways you have of doing that is to be visible on other, related fan pages.  Get involved in serious discussions, post useful tidbits of information, or even just show support for the page, and people will reciprocate by participating more on your fan page.
  • Apps.  There are a number of useful applications that you can plug into your fan page in order to encourage interactions amongst your fans.  For example, the “Fan of the Week” app actually keeps track of your fans’ participation and acknowledges your top fan of each week.  People love recognition and this app will encourage them to hang out on your page more often.
  • Be genuine.  Your fans don’t want to feel that they are communicating with a robot.  Be human.  Be yourself.  Interact on a personal level and people will respond.
  • Fan page partnerships.  Make it a point to promote other fan pages that you support, and those fan pages will do the same for you.  You can promote other fan pages by sharing their pictures and posts, and by linking to their pages from your own page.
  • Have a contest.  Host a giveaway of some sort and provide your fans with a chance to win it, based on their participation.  You can set this up any way you like.  Many fan pages pose a silly question, or even a photo caption contest, and then advertise the prize and the deadline date.



As you can see, there are some very simple steps you can take to increase your Facebook fan activity.  If you want to get the most out of your social media marketing, contact the professionals.  We at Westwood Virtual Associates can help take your Internet presence to the next level.  Contact us by phone, at 513-317-3049, or email: Joanne@WestwoodVA.com.

Create a New Google Form

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create a new Google form.

You will need:

  • A Google Account

Step 1: Log into Account

Log into your Google account or create one if you don’t currently have an account.

Step 2: Navigate To Google Docs

On the main Google page click the “more” dropdown and select “Documents.”

Step 3: Select Doc Type

Click the “create new” dropdown button and select “form”.

Step 4: Name Form and Add Instructions

Click on the included filler text to change the title and the instructions.

Step 5: Add Questions

Add your questions in the text area beside “Question Title” by clicking in that area. Once you click in the box, “Sample Question” disappears. You must type a question for the sample text to disappear permanently.

Step 6: Add Help Text

Click inside the box to add help text such as “Choose up to three of your favorite items.”

Step 7: Select Question Type

This is the section where you will actually choose a format for the answer to your question. For example the answers may be multiple choice, text, a paragraph, check boxes, lists, a numbered scale, or in grid format.

With each option type you choose, you will see a preview to the left of the dropdown.

Step 8: Add Answers

Once you choose the question type, click in the box with the sample answers to replace it with your own answers or reader choices. To add more answers, click in the last box and type in your text.

Step 9: Delete Answer Choices

If you type in answers to your question and then decide you’ve added to many items to choose from, you can delete any unwanted answer choices by mousing over and clicking the X at the end of the answer.

Step 10: Choose Requirement

Depending on the type of form you create, there may be questions that must be answered and others, which are optional. After each question that requires an answer, check the “Make this a required question” box and click done when finished.

Step 11: Insert New Questions And Make Edits

To add additional questions to your form, go to a completed question and click the duplicate button on the far right. Then edit the new section as desired. Note that the edit buttons “follow” your cursor so just mouse over any section and click on the “pencil” button to edit, the “papers” button to duplicate and the “trash can” button to delete.


If you need to edit the form after you’ve closed the “create new form” screen, look in your list of docs and open the form. It will open as a spreadsheet. To edit, click the “Form” tab to access the tools and make the changes needed.

Be sure to click the save button in the top right before closing the popup screen.

Step 12: Sharing Your Form

You may share your form by emailing it or embedding in a page. To email, click the button and fill in the email info.

To embed, click the “More actions” tab. Click “Embed” and copy the embed code from the popup. Place the code in the page where you would like the form to appear.