Adding a Pinterest Widget

Social-Media-Ideas-GirlOne of the best ways to add some spice to your website is to add in a social media feed. Your social media feed will help feed the content and updates that you’re posting through social media into your main blog.

The feed will appear as a widget that displays on the side of your screen. You can generally choose how big or small you want the feed to be, so you can customize how much attention to direct to the feed.

Here’s how to add social media updates to your blog.

Twitter Widget

To get started, go to the Twitter widget section.
Click on “Widgets for My Website.”

Then choose the “Profile Widget.”

Enter the username that you want to generate a feed for. This can be your own username or someone else’s.

A preview of the feed will appear on the right. Once the feed looks right to you, just click “Finish and Grab Code” to copy and paste the code onto your website.

Facebook Widget

To access Facebook’s activity feed, go to:
Then click on “Activity Feed.”

Type in the domain of the site whose feed you want to display. The feed on the right will show you what your feed will look like.

Click “Get Code” on the bottom once you’re ready to post it to your website.


Google+ doesn’t have a built-in widget creator. However, there are several outside tools you can use to add this functionality.

These options include:


WordPress Plugin

Here’s hot GGLls’s widget looks. You can access it here:
Start by entering your Google ID. This is the string of numbers you see in your URL when you access your own profile.

Then specify the settings you want to use to generate the Widget’s feed.

The embed code will be displayed below the options box. Copy and paste it onto your server.

Adding a Pinterest Widget

Pinterest doesn’t have a built-in widget system. However, there are a number of different WordPress plugins you can use to create a Pinterest widget on your WordPress blog.
To get started, go to your plugins search field and type in “Pinterest widget.”

The most popular and highly rated one at the time of writing is the “Pinterest Pinboard Widget.” Choose one plugin and install then activate it.

Then go into your WordPress widgets (under “Appearance”) and drag and drop the widget. Then configure the widget to look exactly as you want it to.

Your Pinterest widget will now appear in your sidebar!

Adding a social media widget to your site can really help add interactivity and help cultivate a sense of consistency within your brand. It’ll help join your social media site and your website together into one community. If you’re going to take the time to build up content in social media, why not link it up to your main site?

Skype Video Call

Marketing-Ideas-GirlWant to interact with your friends with both voice and video?


You can, with Skype’s video call features. As long as you and your friend have webcams built in or connected to a computer, you can use Skype’s video call features.


Alternatively, you can also do a video call with the iPhone 4’s built in camera and the Skype iPhone app.


To make a video call using Skype, follow these steps.


Step 1: Select the Person to Call

Double click on the person you want to call. The call box will pop up.


Step 2: Click Video Call

Click on the video call button to initiate a video call.

When the person on the other end of the call picks up the call, you’ll see the connected video call window. It looks like this:

Once connected, you’ll be able to see your friend in the upper screen and yourself in the lower screen. The lower screen enables you to see exactly how you look to your friend.

Connecting a video call is that simple. Here are a few more options for the video call:


Step 3: Video Options

Hover your mouse over the top of the screen to see the video options bar.


Here’s what each of these options does:

Snapshot: Saves a picture of the screen.

Full screen: Enlarges the video to a full screen view.

Zoom in: Zoom in on your friend.

Pop-out: Pops the video out of the chat window, making it smaller and more maneuverable.

Step 4: More Tools

Along the bottom of the call box are a few more tools for managing the video chat.


#1 – Ends the call.

#2 – Mutes your microphone.

#3 – Adjust the volume of your mic.

#4 – Invite more people to this video chat.

#5 – Hover over this button to see your video feed.

#6 – Screen sharing.

#7 – Show the dial pad.

#8 – Show the chat box.

#9 – Like a cell phone, this box will light up with bars showing you how strong your connection is.


That’s it! You now know how to make a video call and how to adjust the video call options. Making a video call may seem daunting if you’ve never done it before, but in reality it’s just a few clicks away.

5 Ways Your Local Business Will Benefit from Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising
As a business in today’s techno-centric market, it is imperative that you have a strong Internet presence, and that you learn to use the web to its full marketing capacity.  One of the best things you can do to increase your business’ Internet performance is to participate in the world of social media.  Facebook is your best place to start, as it offers a lot of features that are especially helpful for business owners like yourself.  If you aren’t making use of Facebook fan pages and advertising, then you should be, no matter how small or localized your business is.


Here are five ways your local business will benefit from Facebook advertising:


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  • Highly targeted marketing.  One of the best things about Facebook ads is that you can specify exactly who you want to view your ads, based on things like age, interests, and geographic location.  For example, if you run a mobile salon business, you may opt to target your ads to women in your area who have expressed an interest in beauty, hair care, fashion, and salons.
  • The snowball effect.  Basically, any time someone clicks on your ad and lands on your page, they have the option of “liking” your page if they are pleased with what they find.  Any time someone likes your page, that activity shows up in that person’s newsfeed.  This means that all of that person’s friends are exposed to your page and have the option of liking it themselves.  Facebook ads are a great way to attract attention to your page and gain fans on an exponential level.
  • Reach.  The numbers don’t lie: Facebook is the world’s highest ranking website, and is viewed on a global scale.  You may have a small local business, but there is no question that if you sell a product, your business could benefit greatly from having a broader reach.
  • Smart phone users.  Most people these days access the web from their smart phones on a regular basis.  By using Facebook advertising, you are making your presence known to local smart phone users who only search for businesses while on the go.
  • Customization.  In addition to the previously mentioned targeting, Facebook ads also allow for a lot of freedom when it comes to customizing ads to your liking, especially when compared to Google ads (a very common advertising platform that you are likely already using).  For example, the extra allowance for text length and the ability to add images allows you create ads that best suit your needs and marketing goals.


To make the most of your social media marketing, contact the professionals.  We at Westwood Virtual Associates can help take your Internet presence to the next level.  Contact us by phone, at 513-317-3049, or email:

3 Tips for Building An Active Facebook Business Page Following

1. Post Relevant and Informative Content: It is important to post content about your business and products in addition to other relevant content. Local businesses can engage Facebook fans with news or information about their town or community. Current events are a great example of localized Facebook content that readers want to hear about. [Read more…]