3 Tips for Choosing Images for Your Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads for Small BusinessIt’s no secret that images can be much more powerful than the written word when it comes to marketing. However, did you know that there’s a right way and a wrong way to use images in your Facebook ad campaigns?

When trying to choose the perfect image for your Facebook ad, there are numerous factors you need to consider. The image you use can literally make or break your campaign.

To help, below you’ll find 3 tips for choosing images for your Facebook ads.

Number-oneChoose an image that isn’t text-heavy

As a general rule, Facebook only allows images that contain up to 20% text. There are some ways users can get around this rule, but it’s advisable not to even try.

It’s already been established that images are more effective than written content, so it makes sense if you’re using one, to keep it as “text-free” as possible.

Any text that is included should basically be either your logo, slogan or information regarding a promotion. Adding “up to 50% off when you order today” for example, is going to add real value to the image.

Number-twoFocus on emotions

One of the leading pieces of advice you’ll come across in marketing today, is to try and make your adverts capture the audience’s emotions. If you can pull on their heart strings, it’s going to significantly boost your ads success.

So, choose an image that appeals to the emotions. Happiness is a particularly effective emotion to display and often proves the most successful in terms of boosting conversions.

Number-threePay attention to the color

One of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing the right image is its color. Remember, Facebook is blue and white. Therefore, you’re going to need to choose an image that contrasts against the sites background. If your own image is blue and white, it’s not going to stand out and users will simply gaze right over it.

Always use an image with contrasting colors too. Not just contrasting against Facebook’s own background, but contrasting colors within the actual image itself. That really helps to grab attention and makes the image stand out from the rest.

There are many more tips that can help you choose the best image for your ad, but these three should help you get off on the right track. It goes without saying the image will need to meet Facebook’s guidelines. If it doesn’t, it will automatically be rejected.

The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Business Make With Video Marketing | Avoid These Video Marketing Mistakes Cincinnati OH


There are a few common mistakes that most business owners make when getting started with video marketing.

Avoiding these video marketing mistakes will save you money and make your videos much more effective.

Number-oneNot optimizing them properly.

Optimizing videos so they rank well in the search engines is usually the hardest part of video marketing.
The way you name your video, and the information that you provide to YouTube when you upload it, all effect how well and how fast it will rank in the search engines.
We could write an entire report on optimizing video, that’s not what this report is intended to be, so we’re not going to get too deeply into it. But, if you have questions or want more specific information, give us a call, we’ll be glad to talk about it in more detail.

Number-twoNot tracking the results of their video marketing campaign.

This is another very common issue that we see (Not only with video marketing, but other forms of advertising as well.)
The easiest way to track the results of your video marketing campaigns is to assign them a dedicated phone number that will allow you to keep track of the amount of phone calls that you receive as a result of people watching the video.
It’s very inexpensive to get a tracking number for your video or other marketing campaigns.
When we create video marketing campaigns for our clients, we use a service that both tracks the number of calls, and has the option to record phone calls for even more in depth analysis.

Number-threeThinking you need to hire actors and a high-priced video production company.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.
A high-priced video production company should be able to make you an amazing marketing video. After all, that’s why their high-priced, right?
If you want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a video, this is the way to go. A few years ago, this was your only option, but nowadays it’s really not needed. You can produce effective lead generation and branding videos much more affordably, even with just your cell phone, like I mentioned above.

Ready to start? Wants some cool videos to get started? Check out these 2 resources:


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5 Things You Must Do To Every Video In Order To See Results | Tips For Effective Video Marketing Cincinnati OH

Number-one Engage the viewer.

Your video should “speak” directly to a particular target customer. Imagine yourself speaking directly to a customer that needs your particular product or service. Remember if you are using your phone that the screen is not the lens. It looks best if you look into the lens.

One of the important tips for effective video marketing Cincinnati OH is to put yourself in your audience’ shoes and imagine yourself watching your video.

  • What you want to hear?
  • What would you want to see?
  • What would make you more inclined to pick up the phone and call?

These are all things that you should keep in mind when making your videos.

Number-twoFocus on the benefits.

When conveying your message in your videos, try to focus more on the benefits to the customer, not so much the features of your product or service.

Don’t just tell people what the product or service is, but focus more on exactly what the customer will get from it. Tell them how your product of service benefit them and effect them in a positive way.

Number-threeOptimize for keywords.

After you’ve created your video, there are certain things you can do that will help optimize them and get them ranking quickly for the keywords that you’d like to target.

Number-fourUse strong calls to action.

You need to end your videos with strong calls to action that tell the viewer exactly what you want them to do next.

  • Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you?
  • Do you want them to visit your website?
  • Do you want them to show up in person?

Whatever you’d like them to do, you need to tell them. Sometimes it may seem obvious to you, but don’t assume they’ll know what to do next.

Number-fiveUpload to multiple video sharing sites.

There are a number of video hosting & sharing sites where you can upload your video for additional exposure.
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Wistia, among others, are all video hosting and sharing sites that have their own unique features and advantages.
You want as much exposure as possible for your video, so should distribute it across as many sites and platforms as possible.

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The Easiest Possible Way To Get Started | How to Start Video Marketing Cincinnati OH

The easiest way on how to start video marketing is by shooting a short video with your smart phone.
Today, almost everyone on the planet has a smart phone that can record video.
You can record yourself briefly explaining one of your products or services, the benefits that it would provide to the customer, and end the video with asking them to call you if they’re interested.

Keep it simple, it really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Getting your message out there, even if it’s not perfect, is better than not getting your message out at all.

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Types of Videos You Can Create for Your Business | Video Content Marketing Cincinnati OH

Once you build a video content marketing Cincinnati OH it is important that you have a particular objective on your mind for it.

  • What objective is there for your online video?
  • Are you promoting a particular service or product?
  • Would it be generating leads for your organization?
  • Have you consistently incorporated your brand in your video?

Let’s think about this first and have a plan!

After you have determined the purpose then you’ll be able to make a decision on the type of video that could be most appropriate.
A branding video should be engaging and really highlight what your company does. You might want to hire a professional videographer. If you want a videographer referral in the Cincinnati area contact me.

You want to get viewers to interact with your video, so having a call to action at the end is imperative. Get them to click on a link to take them somewhere. This could be to answer a poll, visit your website or they could click to get a coupon or a discounted service.

Lead generation videos are usually more targeted and have a specific goal. They’re meant to speak directly to a prospect that’s interested in one of your services. Your aim is to get interested prospects calling and turn them into loyal customers.

No matter what type of video you create remember to keep them short. This ensures that your viewers will stay and watch until the end.

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Why is Video Marketing is the Right Way to Go? | Cincinnati OH

So now we gather that video marketing in Cincinnati OH is hot and it is the ideal time to take advantage of this fast growing advertising medium.

But why is video marketing the best option to market your products?

  • Videos can easily help you rank higher in Google.
  • Videos target an audience who prefer a visual format as opposed to text.
  • Videos allow you to showcase products that just can’t be explained with short text.
  • Establishing a YouTube channel helps you gain followers.
  • Your video could go viral which can help build you a gigantic online following.

Let’s face it, the average attention span of a web user today is measured by seconds. People nowadays are used to have instant access; they want things to be fast. Visuals always work better than text in this case. If you could summarize a 3-page website into a 2-minute video, people would definitely prefer to watch the video. Why tell when you can show? Users have the tendency to browse and skip through information.

However, if you are able to engage the users and present your information in visual form, then you’re a huge step ahead. People would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading long text.

Furthermore, visuals create a better experience for the audience when compared to text. People could actually imagine and realize that what your business and services are all about. And the audio helps your viewer to better understand. Hearing your voice inflection, adding life to the written word.

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Getting Started With Video Marketing | Cincinnati OH

Gone are the days when businesses could make do with traditional marketing means – online marketing is now a necessity for any local business. Online video content, especially, has been taking the marketing world by storm, with sites like Youtube and Vimeo having millions of unique visitors every month.

Video marketing has become one of the highest rising and most popular ways to generate traffic online.

Here’s how powerful videos are as a communication tool:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users all over the world.
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • The numbers of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html

Now you can understand how important it is to incorporate video into your marketing plan. This is the trend now.

People are switching from reading to watching instead.

As TV advertisements and other traditional marketing means are getting less and less reliable, creating your own videos helps promote your business faster and for a much more affordable cost. So many ways to use video:

  • product demonstrations
  • testimonials
  • before and after
  • tutorials
  • behind the scenes

and the list goes on….

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Adding a Pinterest Widget

Social-Media-Ideas-GirlOne of the best ways to add some spice to your website is to add in a social media feed. Your social media feed will help feed the content and updates that you’re posting through social media into your main blog.

The feed will appear as a widget that displays on the side of your screen. You can generally choose how big or small you want the feed to be, so you can customize how much attention to direct to the feed.

Here’s how to add social media updates to your blog.

Twitter Widget

To get started, go to the Twitter widget section.

Click on “Widgets for My Website.”

Then choose the “Profile Widget.”

Enter the username that you want to generate a feed for. This can be your own username or someone else’s.

A preview of the feed will appear on the right. Once the feed looks right to you, just click “Finish and Grab Code” to copy and paste the code onto your website.

Facebook Widget

To access Facebook’s activity feed, go to:

Then click on “Activity Feed.”

Type in the domain of the site whose feed you want to display. The feed on the right will show you what your feed will look like.

Click “Get Code” on the bottom once you’re ready to post it to your website.


Google+ doesn’t have a built-in widget creator. However, there are several outside tools you can use to add this functionality.

These options include:




WordPress Plugin

Here’s hot GGLls’s widget looks. You can access it here:

Start by entering your Google ID. This is the string of numbers you see in your URL when you access your own profile.

Then specify the settings you want to use to generate the Widget’s feed.

The embed code will be displayed below the options box. Copy and paste it onto your server.

Adding a Pinterest Widget

Pinterest doesn’t have a built-in widget system. However, there are a number of different WordPress plugins you can use to create a Pinterest widget on your WordPress blog.
To get started, go to your plugins search field and type in “Pinterest widget.”

The most popular and highly rated one at the time of writing is the “Pinterest Pinboard Widget.” Choose one plugin and install then activate it.

Then go into your WordPress widgets (under “Appearance”) and drag and drop the widget. Then configure the widget to look exactly as you want it to.

Your Pinterest widget will now appear in your sidebar!

Adding a social media widget to your site can really help add interactivity and help cultivate a sense of consistency within your brand. It’ll help join your social media site and your website together into one community. If you’re going to take the time to build up content in social media, why not link it up to your main site?

8 Pinterest Marketing Ideas

Social-Media-Ideas-GirlWhether you’re promoting awareness of a certain cause, want more traffic to your blog or are promoting your business, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity to get your message out there through the use of images.

Another great thing about Pinterest is that you don’t need have to have a lot of followers to be seen. Pinterest is a very open website and people are always searching for images and topics of interest, so it’s easy to get started right away.

Here are 8 ideas for marketing on Pinterest. Feel free to use them, adapt them and expand on them. There are so many possibilities.

#1 URL / Logo on Your Photos

Consider adding a little logo or URL to the images you place on your website. That way, when people pin your content or you pin your own, the source is immediately visible. Just make sure to keep it rather subtle. You don’t want to take away from the quality of your image as that may reduce the numbers of shares.

Here’s an example of pin someone made from retrojunk.com

#2 Suggest Gifts

One of the things you may have noticed searching around Pinterest is that they have a gifts category. You can pin a gift idea simply by putting a $ amount in the description of your pin. When you enter the dollar amount, it is automatically added to the image and it will be listed in the gift ideas too.

Then when you search for gifts in the price range, yours will appear at the top.


#3 Photo Contests

Have fun with Pinterest and try running a photo contest. For example, if you sell craft kits or some type of DIY project kits, invite your customers to post their results photos for entry into your contest. Display the photos in a special photo contest board.

Or if you’re promoting a cause, have people submit photos on what the cause means for them and display the photos.


#4 Sweepstakes

Many companies are creating “Pin it to Win It” sweepstakes giveaways.  In some cases, they, get people to repin an image with a specific description. In many of these contests, the winner receives the prize in the picture or you can come up with another prize if you’d like.

In others, companies are asking their customers to create a board of their favorite products and enter it for consideration in the contest. Here’s a pin board created by a LandsEnd.com contest winner:

If you’d like to learn more about how Lands’ End’s contest worked, here is a press release with the information: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/lands-end-canvas-launches-pin-it-to-win-it-contest-on-pinterest-135591673.html


#5 Coupons

Create some attractive and hard-to-resist coupons that can be repinned and shared on Pinterest. You can create your own coupon and add a “Pin It” button to your coupon page. You can also look at sites like CouponNetwork.com who encourage the social sharing of coupons.

Here’s an example of a coupon available through Coupon Network:

Again, you can post your own coupons directly and encourage repinning. Have fun with your coupons by adding humor and more. Just make sure the images are relevant to your offer.


#6 QR Codes

If you have a collection or QR codes, create a board for them and add new ones when you have them. Just make sure to include a good description and categorize your board, so they’ll be easily found.


Or if you’re a blogger, who connects your followers with great information, collect QR codes from around the web that would interest them.

#7 Collaboration

Pinterest provides amazing opportunities for collaborating. You can invite people to contribute to your boards for a specific event or project. You can add contributors whenever you set up a new board or you can add them by editing your existing boards.

Why not showcase the development of your next product or slowly leak details about an important upcoming function? You’ll build buzz and hopefully get better results in the process.


#8 Holiday and Seasonal Marketing

Pinterest offers unique marketing opportunities throughout the year. As users prepare for Easter or Independence Day, they’re searching for recipes, crafts, entertaining ideas and more. Or if summer’s coming, they’re getting ready to go boating, camping and they start grilling more. Always keep seasonal needs in mind and create special boards for holidays, activities and more.

Here’s a Game Day Food Ideas example:

How can you incorporate something like this into your niche? What is your target market looking for?

Start Marketing…But Proceed with Care!

Now that you have a few ideas ready to run with, go for it. But before you run off, remember that just like with other social networks, your success will depend on your being a valuable contributor to the community. Focus on providing images that are useful, funny, inspiring, thought-provoking or aesthetically pleasing…rather than worrying about simply selling your products directly.

Finding People to Follow on Pinterest

Social-Media-Ideas-GirlPart of the fun of Pinterest, is inviting and finding the friends you already know and finding new people with similar interests as well. This tutorial will show you how to find all those people and more


Searching for People

To find people with similar interests, you can look under “Everything” and choose a category that interests you.


You can also look at the list of people who are following you to see if you might be interested in following them back. You can see their names, profile pictures and some of their recent pins. Just click “Follow” if you want to follow someone. You can click “Unfollow” if you later change your mind.


Search for Someone by Name

Pinterest has the ability to search for pins, but its ability to search for people is not always reliable. However, what you can do is enter a name in the search box:


On the results page, choose “People” to get your people results. In this case, we can easily find the person we’re looking for.

In the case where you can’t find what you’re looking for, one easy way to find specific people you’re looking for is by conducting a Google search of “[NAME] Pinterest.” For example:


If the person has a Pinterest account, you’re likely to see it near the top of the search results. In this case we see two results at the top and I’ll explain the difference between the two.

The first result shows a URL that has “source” in it. This link shows images that any Pinterest users have shared from Martha Stewart’s website. The second one that doesn’t say “source” and reads as pinterest.com/marthastewart is her actual Pinterest profile, so if you want to follow her specifically, use that link.

Follow People or Boards

You might find that you’re particularly interest in specific boards, rather than users in general. You can actually choose exactly what or who you follow.

To Follow a Person:

Go the person’s profile and select “Follow All” and you will follow all their boards and updates.

To Follow Board:

Go to a specific board and select “Follow Board” and you’ll get updates from the board only.

The nice thing about Pinterest is that it’s very open and you don’t have to worry about following a bunch of people to start with, just to start enjoying the site. There is a lot of interaction between people, even if they’re not following each other. So my advice is to find a few people to follow, start pinning and have fun.