The 3 Biggest Mistakes Most Business Make With Video Marketing | Avoid These Video Marketing Mistakes Cincinnati OH


There are a few common mistakes that most business owners make when getting started with video marketing.

Avoiding these video marketing mistakes will save you money and make your videos much more effective.

Number-oneNot optimizing them properly.

Optimizing videos so they rank well in the search engines is usually the hardest part of video marketing.
The way you name your video, and the information that you provide to YouTube when you upload it, all effect how well and how fast it will rank in the search engines.
We could write an entire report on optimizing video, that’s not what this report is intended to be, so we’re not going to get too deeply into it. But, if you have questions or want more specific information, give us a call, we’ll be glad to talk about it in more detail.

Number-twoNot tracking the results of their video marketing campaign.

This is another very common issue that we see (Not only with video marketing, but other forms of advertising as well.)
The easiest way to track the results of your video marketing campaigns is to assign them a dedicated phone number that will allow you to keep track of the amount of phone calls that you receive as a result of people watching the video.
It’s very inexpensive to get a tracking number for your video or other marketing campaigns.
When we create video marketing campaigns for our clients, we use a service that both tracks the number of calls, and has the option to record phone calls for even more in depth analysis.

Number-threeThinking you need to hire actors and a high-priced video production company.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.
A high-priced video production company should be able to make you an amazing marketing video. After all, that’s why their high-priced, right?
If you want to spend a couple thousand dollars on a video, this is the way to go. A few years ago, this was your only option, but nowadays it’s really not needed. You can produce effective lead generation and branding videos much more affordably, even with just your cell phone, like I mentioned above.

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5 Things You Must Do To Every Video In Order To See Results | Tips For Effective Video Marketing Cincinnati OH

Number-one Engage the viewer.

Your video should “speak” directly to a particular target customer. Imagine yourself speaking directly to a customer that needs your particular product or service. Remember if you are using your phone that the screen is not the lens. It looks best if you look into the lens.

One of the important tips for effective video marketing Cincinnati OH is to put yourself in your audience’ shoes and imagine yourself watching your video.

  • What you want to hear?
  • What would you want to see?
  • What would make you more inclined to pick up the phone and call?

These are all things that you should keep in mind when making your videos.

Number-twoFocus on the benefits.

When conveying your message in your videos, try to focus more on the benefits to the customer, not so much the features of your product or service.

Don’t just tell people what the product or service is, but focus more on exactly what the customer will get from it. Tell them how your product of service benefit them and effect them in a positive way.

Number-threeOptimize for keywords.

After you’ve created your video, there are certain things you can do that will help optimize them and get them ranking quickly for the keywords that you’d like to target.

Number-fourUse strong calls to action.

You need to end your videos with strong calls to action that tell the viewer exactly what you want them to do next.

  • Do you want them to pick up the phone and call you?
  • Do you want them to visit your website?
  • Do you want them to show up in person?

Whatever you’d like them to do, you need to tell them. Sometimes it may seem obvious to you, but don’t assume they’ll know what to do next.

Number-fiveUpload to multiple video sharing sites.

There are a number of video hosting & sharing sites where you can upload your video for additional exposure.
YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, Wistia, among others, are all video hosting and sharing sites that have their own unique features and advantages.
You want as much exposure as possible for your video, so should distribute it across as many sites and platforms as possible.

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The Easiest Possible Way To Get Started | How to Start Video Marketing Cincinnati OH

The easiest way on how to start video marketing is by shooting a short video with your smart phone.
Today, almost everyone on the planet has a smart phone that can record video.
You can record yourself briefly explaining one of your products or services, the benefits that it would provide to the customer, and end the video with asking them to call you if they’re interested.

Keep it simple, it really doesn’t need to be complicated.

Getting your message out there, even if it’s not perfect, is better than not getting your message out at all.

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Types of Videos You Can Create for Your Business | Video Content Marketing Cincinnati OH

Once you build a video content marketing Cincinnati OH it is important that you have a particular objective on your mind for it.

  • What objective is there for your online video?
  • Are you promoting a particular service or product?
  • Would it be generating leads for your organization?
  • Have you consistently incorporated your brand in your video?

Let’s think about this first and have a plan!

After you have determined the purpose then you’ll be able to make a decision on the type of video that could be most appropriate.
A branding video should be engaging and really highlight what your company does. You might want to hire a professional videographer. If you want a videographer referral in the Cincinnati area contact me.

You want to get viewers to interact with your video, so having a call to action at the end is imperative. Get them to click on a link to take them somewhere. This could be to answer a poll, visit your website or they could click to get a coupon or a discounted service.

Lead generation videos are usually more targeted and have a specific goal. They’re meant to speak directly to a prospect that’s interested in one of your services. Your aim is to get interested prospects calling and turn them into loyal customers.

No matter what type of video you create remember to keep them short. This ensures that your viewers will stay and watch until the end.

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Why is Video Marketing is the Right Way to Go? | Cincinnati OH

So now we gather that video marketing in Cincinnati OH is hot and it is the ideal time to take advantage of this fast growing advertising medium.

But why is video marketing the best option to market your products?

  • Videos can easily help you rank higher in Google.
  • Videos target an audience who prefer a visual format as opposed to text.
  • Videos allow you to showcase products that just can’t be explained with short text.
  • Establishing a YouTube channel helps you gain followers.
  • Your video could go viral which can help build you a gigantic online following.

Let’s face it, the average attention span of a web user today is measured by seconds. People nowadays are used to have instant access; they want things to be fast. Visuals always work better than text in this case. If you could summarize a 3-page website into a 2-minute video, people would definitely prefer to watch the video. Why tell when you can show? Users have the tendency to browse and skip through information.

However, if you are able to engage the users and present your information in visual form, then you’re a huge step ahead. People would prefer to watch a short video instead of reading long text.

Furthermore, visuals create a better experience for the audience when compared to text. People could actually imagine and realize that what your business and services are all about. And the audio helps your viewer to better understand. Hearing your voice inflection, adding life to the written word.

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Getting Started With Video Marketing | Cincinnati OH

Gone are the days when businesses could make do with traditional marketing means – online marketing is now a necessity for any local business. Online video content, especially, has been taking the marketing world by storm, with sites like Youtube and Vimeo having millions of unique visitors every month.

Video marketing has become one of the highest rising and most popular ways to generate traffic online.

Here’s how powerful videos are as a communication tool:

  • YouTube has more than 1 billion users all over the world.
  • Every day people watch hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube and generate billions of views.
  • The numbers of hours people are watching on YouTube each month is up 50% year over year.
  • 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute.


Now you can understand how important it is to incorporate video into your marketing plan. This is the trend now.

People are switching from reading to watching instead.

As TV advertisements and other traditional marketing means are getting less and less reliable, creating your own videos helps promote your business faster and for a much more affordable cost. So many ways to use video:

  • product demonstrations
  • testimonials
  • before and after
  • tutorials
  • behind the scenes

and the list goes on….

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Action Plan: Google+ Pages

google-plus 1Your Google+ Page promises to be a powerful tool in your marketing, but for now, information on making it so seems to be all over the place, as well as changing daily.  It’s easy to lose track of or miss opportunities, when setting up your Google+ Business Page if you don’t keep a few, core steps in mind.  This Action Plan will help you make sure no steps are missed, as well as assisting you to set things up quickly and easily.

Setting Up A Google+ Page for your Business

Setting up a Page for your business is simple — but it has to integrate with your Google account, so if you are setting one up for a client, ensure that client understands you will be using her Google account log in information — not yours!

What You Need to Have Ready:

While in the signup process, you will need to enter at least two of these three criteria, depending on the Category you choose:

  • A valid phone number
  • Your location
  • Your profile photo or Logo graphic (preferably square, though Google+ allows you to not only drag and drop but drag and position)

When you’re ready…

  • Go to  It will prompt you to log into your account, if you haven’t already done so.  (If you have already logged into your account, you can simply select the “Create a Google+ page” beside your stream.)

  •        Select the category most appropriate to your business.  Your choices are:
Category Description
Local Business or Place Hotels, restaurants, places, stores, services
Product or Brand Apparel, cars, electronics, financial services
Company, Institution or Organization Companies, organizations, institutions, non-profits
Arts, Entertainment or Sports Films, TV, music, books, sports, shows
Other Use if your page doesn’t fit in any of the previous categories

(Note you will only need your phone number for “Local Business or Place”)

  1. Select “Create”, and follow the prompts to add:
  • A powerful tagline of 10 words that best describes your business
  • Your profile photo or graphic

Inserting a photo is even more easy than usual:  Not only can you drag and drop your photo directly from your desktop, you can also select the area of the photo you wish to use, much as with re-sizing Facebook thumbnails:

Your end result — however the shape of the original — has to be a perfect square…

That’s all there is to creating your page!  (Took you just a few minutes, right?)

“But Wait… There’s More…”

If you stop at simply having created your Page, however, you’ll be disappointed in the results.  Even at this early Beta stage, there are a few vital tips and tricks that can significantly push your sites and Page up through Google search results.  Number one you’ve already taken care of — you’ve created the +Page.  Now you will need to amplify its power by installing a +1 Button on your site, so people can “vote” for you.  This includes not just subscribers and followers, but members of the general public who happen to organically find your site — helped by your strong Google+ listings, of course.

You see, Google+ Pages with real clout automatically open at the actual Page, if searchers are savvy enough to type “+YourName or Keyword” in the Google search box (Direct Connect)…

You can tell at a glance if a search parameter auto-connect and open up an existing Google+ Page:  The Page graphic and tagline will instantly appear in the drop-down Suggestions.  If you hit “Enter” on seeing such a result, that Google+ Page opens up.

The flaw?  Not all existing Google+ Pages open up or even show up, even if they exist!  However, you can weight your newly-created +Page to rise through the ranks and be eligible for Direct Connect by ensuring you employ a few simple strategies…

Step One:  Be Ready to Share!

As you finish creating your page, you’ll be given the option to share it.  Make sure you are prepared and ready to go.

(Google really does make it easy for you to cover many of the bases!)

 Step Two:  Setting Up your Google +1 Button

The number one key strategy lies in setting up a Google+1 button on all your websites; then publicizing the fact you have one and directing people with a call to action to “like” it.  (Don’t detract from the value of Google +1 buttons, however, by using emotional coercion, or +1 buttons will soon sink to the level of Facebook’s value-less “Like” buttons.)

Setting up your button and choosing the icon size is simple, and you don’t need step-by-step instructions.  It consists of:

  1.     Grabbing a snippet of JavaScript code. (Install this anywhere on your site.)
  2.      Scrolling further down that page and customizing the HTML code generated.
  3.      Insert the generated code in your web page at the spot you want your +1 button to appear

What the +1 button actually does is:

  • Help people discover “relevant content” (including ads) — from personal recommendations
  • Display your own profile photo, when you “like” a +1 button on someone else’s Page, site or Circle.  (You can choose to “hide” this, if you prefer.)
  • Allows others to recommend your own sites or Page
  • Allows others to see which of their own friends and connections has also personally endorsed your listings
  • Allows others to see how many +1 ratings you’ve received.  (You can customize this not to show, if your business, website and/or Page is brand new.)
  • Increases your sites’ relevance and value in Google’s eyes, upping your SEO status and rank
  • Increase your visibility and prominence in search results

Remember, however, that any page or site you add +1 to will be public — even if your Robots.txt file or WordPress blog settings are set for “nofollow”.

Step Three:  Enabling Google+ Circles

This area of Google+ already plays a big part in Google+ Page engagement and promises to grow in importance, so you might want to adjust your settings to automatically add Pages to your own Circles.  Here’s how to do it…

  1.     Click your profile picture in your Google+ menu bar, at the top of your page
  2.     Select “Account Settings”
  3.     Select “Google+”

Scroll to the bottom and customize your “Google+ Pages” settings

Here is where updating your page with fresh content really becomes part of a vital strategy.

Step Four:  Creating a Badge

Creating a Google+ Badge for your site is not the same as creating a +1 button, so don’t confuse the two.  You can simultaneously create your badge and your page; or you can copy-paste your page URL into the box provided:

Continuing down the page, you will select the size of badge you prefer…

This is the ultimate goal you are aiming for, when it comes to boosting your Google+ and Google+ Page rankings.  Google freely admits eligibility is “determined algorithmically”, based on:

Step Five:  Google+ Direct Connect

  • Relevance
  • Popularity

The most crucial defining factor is the number of links between your site and Google+ Page.   If you have followed the previous steps, you are already well on your way to becoming eligible.  All you need to do is:

Regularly interact with Google+, supplying relevant contact (Links, posts, keywords)

  • Pay diligent attention to ensuring your content is not only relevant, but original and valuable too
  • Educate your audience (especially those you network with) about Direct Connect and how it works.  They’ll particularly need to know that the option to sign into Google+ so they can add your page to their Circles is only offered the first time they visit your Page — after that it has to be added manually, which reduces the chance they’ll do so

Once Google perceives your value, you stand a much better chance of being admitted to the hallowed halls of Direct Connect.

This brings us to our last step (until Google+ rolls out more features)…

 Step Six:  Promote Your Google+ Page!

Television long ago learned the secret to engaging viewers and netting high conversions:  Namely, spelling out the obvious and telling viewers exactly what to do next.

And just as TV ads also employ the principle of repetition, you must realize that promoting your +Page is an ongoing responsibility.

Here’s how you can encourage your visitors and subscribers to spread the word:

  1.        Share your posts — but remember, even if you share a post from your Google+ Page, those in your Circle will actually see it as coming from your Profile.) And keep your content as consistent as your daily involvement:  Remember your main area of focus and use your best keywords, as naturally as possible.
  2.       Link your Page and your website or blog.  You may think you’ve already done this, if you’ve installed your Google+ Button on your site — but it’s actually a two-step process, to be effective:  You also have to add your site to your Profile!

Here’s how to do it, using a current browser such as Google Chrome…

  • In your browser, find your picture and select it (the top right corner)
  • Select “Profile”

  • In your Profile, select the “About” tab

  • Select “Links” and then “Add a Custom Link”
  • Enter (a) a Title (b) your URL
  • Save
TIP: Don’t skip this step — it’s currently the only way to ensure your site becomes eligible for Direct Connect.



  1.      Link your Google+ Page to your AdWords campaigns — Do it by making sure you include your +1 button in your ads.
  2.      Post Consistently — Regular updates and fresh content will add to your Google value. This will help build a firmer foundation for your +Page

Along the way, as you grow more familiar with your Google+ Profile and Page, you’ll discover other ways you can help boost your +Page popularity:  Enabling Google+ for Mobile (if you have the right type of phone, for example; as well as joining the Preview Platform so you can receive advance improvements ahead of the crowd.

Become familiar with the refinements available through Google Support Plus.  Be sure also to actively report bugs and provide feedback to Google+ (as well as never promoting your Page with the same dirty-pool, emotional blackmailing techniques that Facebook users quickly learned to employ).

The more you engage and bring quality to your Google+ Page, the more directly you will be rewarded in Google SEO.

It’s true that “you get out of it what you put in” — but fortunately with Google+ Pages, these six basic steps provide a solid foundation to help you easily and effectively get started.

How to Claim Your Business Listing on Yelp

yelpYelp is a user-generated content website that does reviews on local businesses. Anytime someone visits a business and has either a positive or negative experience, they can share their thoughts on Yelp.  Then, anytime someone else is looking for a certain type of business or wants to hear what others have to say about your business, they can do a search on Yelp to read reviews from other customers.

Pull up on an Internet browser and enter your business name and city in the search section located at the top center of the page. Click on “search”, and find your listing. If your listing is not there, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “add a business”.

Follow the steps indicated.

Yelp 1

Double-click on your listing. A page will appear with the business address and features. Underneath the features, there’ll be a heading titled “Work here? Unlock this business page.” Click on this heading.

Yelp 2

Find the arrow that says “Go to step one” and click on it.
Fill in the blanks as indicated with your name, address, email and a password. Click on “continue”.

Yelp 3

Click on the “call me now” button. Make sure you are by the business phone line before clicking on this button. Answer the phone call from Yelp. You’ll be prompted to enter the security code provided on the computer screen.

Yelp 4

After passing the security check, click on the “access free business owner account ” button located at the bottom of the new page. From here, your business owner account will appear and you will have access to all the business features yelp offers to proprietors.

Pretty simple. Now you can manage your listing on

Top 10 Ways to Grow Your Twitter Following

its-twitter-time-free-icon-setHaving a strong Twitter presence is essential for your online business strategy. It allows you to quickly respond to real time events, make announcements that people pay attention to, distribute content, build trust and put out fires. Also, the larger your Twitter following, the better your chances are of creating content that can “go viral.”

Growing a Twitter following from scratch can be intimidating. How do you go from zero followers to hundreds to thousands to tens and hundreds of thousands? These are ten of the top ways to grow your Twitter following. Use these to kickstart your Twitter account or help it reach the next level.

#1 – Search Your Databases


People often under estimate the amount of contacts they already have. Searching your databases and adding followers is a fantastic way to get new followers.

Start with your shopping cart buyer list. Since you’ll always have their first name, last name and email address, you’ll often be able to find people’s Twitter usernames. Also, check out their website and look for a Twitter contact if they provided a website during their checkout process.

Follow anyone who has already bought from you. Since they already know and trust you, there’s a very good chance they’ll follow you back.

Next, go to your autoresponder contacts. Again, search by names and emails.

Finally, search through your existing email contacts. Import your Gmail, Yahoo! Mail and other contact databases and look for people who know you. Follow them. Most likely, they’ll follow you.

#2 – Search Your Brand Name and Add Followers


Look for people who’re already talking about you. Since they’re discussing you, there’s a good chance they’ll be interested in following you.

Search for your brand name, your product name and any other relevant keywords using Twitter’s search function. Then follow them. You can also @reply them to increase the chances that they’ll follow you.

#3 – Follow Leaders and Join Conversations


Use tools like, and to find influential people in your industry. Follow these people and look for interesting conversations.

When people talk about something interesting, join in the conversation. Post insightful @replies and comment on popular relevant hashtags.

This allows you to leverage other people’s brands and other people’s influence to help you build your follower base.

#4 – Blog Commenting


Find high quality blogs in your industry. Leave high quality comments that offer value to other readers. Provide tips in your comments that other people would appreciate.

At the bottom of your post, sign off with your Twitter handle. People who appreciated your post will come and find you. Some blogs even have a plugin that allows you to include your Twitter name or you may be able to log into Twitter to post.

Note: Don’t spam. Provide real value and only mention your Twitter name.

#5 – Add Social Media Buttons


If you have a strong web presence, use it to promote your Twitter following. Add social media buttons at the bottom of each post and in the sidebar of your website.

Make it easy for people to retweet your content. You should have not only a “Follow” button on your site, but an easy button people can click to instantly retweet posts they liked.

#6 – Host a Twitter Contest


Contests have a tendency to go viral, especially if retweeting is a part of that contest.

Create a prize that people would want to fight for. Then create a contest that revolves around people retweeting your contest. You can also add other elements to the contest, like video submissions or getting their friends to vote.

Announce your contest on Twitter, on Facebook, to your email list and to your blog or website.

#7 – Retweet Often


Retweet other people’s content as often as possible. Of course, you want to make sure that you’re only retweeting high quality, relevant information. If you see a piece of content on the web that you think your user base would like, retweet it. Don’t be stingy with retweets.

Whenever you retweet someone else’s message, you generate goodwill. If you do it regularly, people will take notice. You can then start to build a relationship with them.

Then, if you post something that you think would benefit their audience, you’ll have enough clout to ask them for a retweet. More often than not, they’ll say yes.

#8 – Add Twitter to All Your Promotional Materials


Add your Twitter name to all your promotional materials. Put it on your business cards, your posters, your letterheads, your pens, your website and anywhere else.

#9 – Use Sponsored Tweets


Sponsored Tweets ( is a tweet marketplace where you can buy tweets from people who have major followings. Prices for putting out a tweet can cost anywhere between a few dollars to several thousand dollars.

Sponsored Tweets lets you sort feeds by price, by follower numbers and by category. If you only want to target authors for example, you can filter your list so that you only see authors who want to get paid to put out a tweet.

Paying for a sponsored tweet on other feeds in your industry is a fantastic way to gain more exposure. Make sure you check out their user base and level of engagement before paying for a tweet.

#10 – Use Promoted Tweets


Promoted tweets are paid tweets that show up prominently on people’s Twitter feeds. At the time of this writing, Twitter doesn’t have a self-serve advertising platform. Instead, you fill out a form to get in contact with Twitter’s internal advertising team.

If you have a significant marketing budget, this is a fantastic way to skyrocket your influence. You’ll get your message in front of people who may not have otherwise heard about your brand.

These are ten powerful ways you can build your Twitter influence and gain more followers. If you have money to spend, you can use paid tactics like sponsored tweets or promoted tweets to boost your influence rapidly. Otherwise, you can use organic tactics to steadily yet quickly grow and expand your follower base.

Ins and Outs of Posting on Twitter

Social-Media-Ideas-GirlFor someone who’s new to Twitter, understanding all the different types of posts you can make can be quite confusing. There’s not only a lot of different kinds of posts, but a lot of different kinds of terminology.

In order to use Twitter well, you need to be able to navigate the Twitter world and all its complexities. Being able to make all the different kinds of posts that Twitter users make is an essential part of that.

Here are all the different kinds of posts you can make on Twitter, along with descriptions of the different kinds of terminologies that apply to those posts.

Step 1: Replies


When someone posts something that you want to respond to, you can do so with a reply. This is also known as an @reply.

@replies are visible not only to the person you’re replying to, but anyone who’s following you and anyone who looks at your Twitter feed. In other words, @replies are public.

The easiest way to reply to a tweet is to hit the “reply” button.

You can also reply to someone by typing @theirname and replying to their message.

Step 2: Mentions and @Mentions


A mention, also known as an @mention, is any text that has someone’s name followed by an @ sign in the tweet. An @reply is a type of mention. However, a mention doesn’t have to be in response to a tweet.

Twitter (and other Twitter tools) has a special tab where you can view all your mentions. This makes it easy to see all the messages people are directing at you.

Step 3: Retweets


A retweet, also known as an RT is when you take someone else’s tweet and re-message it out to your own network.

Retweeting is seen as a form of appreciation on Twitter. Retweeting someone’s message is a good way to show you like their content and to begin building a relationship with them.

Note that you can’t change any of the text on a retweet. It has to be retweeted as is. You’ll get to see a preview of a retweet before you send it out.

To retweet a post, click the “Retweet” button below the post.

Alternatively, people often choose to do a retweet manually. Doing this allows you to change the text of the retweet. Just copy and paste the retweet text into your tweet box and hit “Tweet.”

Another common tactic is to add “RT @name” to the beginning of the retweet. That way, the retweet also becomes a mention and will show up in the author’s mentions tab. If you want to retweet a message and make sure the author knows that you retweeted their message, this is a good way to do it.

Step 4: Uploading Photos


Uploading photos on Twitter is simple. Just click the photo icon under the tweet box.

Any images you add to Twitter will automatically be converted into a link. People who want to view the photo need to click on the link to view the photo.

Step 5: Hashtags


Hashtags are the standard way of using Twitter to discuss a specific topic. For example, if you were talking about the SXSW convention, you’d use hashtags like #SXSW. Users who’re interested in the same topic can search for that hashtag and see what others are saying about the topic.

Often time’s hashtags are used to create live chats. For example, if you’re at a live concert that has a hashtag (say #concert2012,) you can use that hashtag to see what everyone else around you is saying in real time. These hashtag based chats are often called hashchats.

Posting a response to popular hashtags is a great way to get traffic to your website. A lot of people will be searching for those hashtags, so you’re guaranteed to get a lot of exposure.

Twitter by default gives you the top 10 hashtags that are trending worldwide. To get more detailed information on what tags are trending, use “What the Trend” (

What the trend allows you to see a lot more than just the top ten trending tweets. You can also sort trends by country. If you’re just targeting the United States or Canada for example, you can see only the trending hashtags in those countries.

Step 6: Direct Messages


Direct messages are private messages sent to someone who’s following you. Unlike @replies, direct messages cannot be viewed by anyone but the recipient. You can’t send messages to people you follow unless they’re also following you. Direct messages are known as “DMs” or “DM” for short.

To send a DM, click on “Send a Direct Message” next to someone’s profile.

Enter the message you want to send them and hit “Send Message.”

These are all the different types of messages on Twitter. You now know how to use @replies, @mentions, retweets, photos, hashtags and direct messages.