Internet Marketing Package Without Informational Website

Internet Marketing is a combination of Website Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Social Media Marketing that allows your target market to find your company online and have two way conversations about your products or services.

Website Design

Westwood Virtual Associates is committed to designing web sites that are attractive, functional, and user-friendly. We make sure that your website is the hub of all your activity online and represents the full spectrum of your products and services in one cohesive package. Our websites are built on the WordPress Platform.

Search Engine Optimization

We create sites that are useful to visitors and friendly to search engines. Most web design firms have talented designers, but lack the search engine expertise and business sense that Westwood Virtual Associates can provide.

Social Media

You can buy attention by advertising, beg for attention from the media using public relations, bother people one at a time using sales tactics, or you can earn attention using social media. People listen more to their networks and not as much to company sponsored messaging; so find a place where your customers are networking online and use Social Media to EARN their attention and later their business.

Internet Marketing Deliverables

– Unlimited website updates and postings

– Create/monitor organic SEO

– Web traffic analytics

– Full integration with all other marketing channels

– Create/update/monitor all social media properties (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Etc.)

– Blog-like posts on your website

– Thirty (30) teaser updates per month across Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (1/2 would be teasers to past articles form the library and 1/2 would be conversation starters)

Internet Marketing strategy

Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing is essential to finding new prospects and keeping in touch with current customers. Its main goal is to move both prospects and customers through the sales funnel at a steady pace. Westwood VirtualAssociates helps you get organized, increase your follow-up percentage, collaborate with your team, and stay in touch with prospects and customers.

Get Organized

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software that is included with the Internet Marketing Package, Westwood Virtual Associates helps you organize contacts, tasks, and projects. The CRM software will allow you to centralize your data, search it, sort it, segment it, and access it from anywhere.


You and your key employees will be prompted for next steps after the completion of each task and be reminded to follow through. Administrative tools allow you to check progress company-wide on opportunities and projects. You will be able to record notes and track histories for all your contacts. Following-up becomes a process instead of just a good intention.


Share data with your team and partners. Create unlimited user logins, send/receive referrals, manage channel partners, and more…

Stay In Touch

Stay connected using targeted email, postcards, and text message campaigns. This all-in-one relationship management solution allows your company to manage leads, sales activity, and marketing communication in on spot.

Relationship Marketing Deliverables

– Customer relationship management (CRM) software (Powered by

– Contact management and segmentation

– Training, support, and maintenance

– Unlimited triggered email, postcard, and text campaigns

– Unlimited ad hoc eblasts

– Surveys

– Website and social media integration

– Relationship Marketing strategy

Content Marketing

Content is key and is always going to be! Content is what separates Westwood VirtualAssociates from most graphic designers who create websites. With your input and approval, we create and integrate content within your website, your social media properties, and email, postcard, and text message campaigns.

Content Marketing Deliverables

– Three (3) articles created from scratch per month.

– Unlimited announcements created per month sourced from raw news and updates supplied by clients.

– Monthly E-Newsletter